About Insurance Savings Group

Our Mission

Help people pay for healthcare.

Unfortunately, we live in tumultuous times in terms of our health care system. Just buying a traditional health insurance plan leaves many people unprepared and incapable of paying for their medical expenses. The savings group was created to solve this problem.

Our Strategy

The savings group does two things that make a lot of sense:

  • ISG groups many self-employed and small businesses together to take advantage of large group buying power and discounts.
  • Whenever possible, ISG eliminates the insurance middleman to reduce insurance costs.

Savings Groups

More than 5 million people around the world are members of savings groups that provide essential services to help them manage their daily lives. Although there are many variations, in general, Savings Groups provide members with a secure place to save, the opportunity to borrow in small amounts and on flexible terms, and affordable basic insurance services.

What is Insurance Savings Group?

We are a group of people (businesses, employees, and self-employed individuals) who save money together and share that money with each other to pay for medical, dental, and vision expenses. We do this to bypass traditional financial institutions such as insurance companies and banks. Although the benefits of joining the savings group are similar to those offered by insurance companies and banks, which is the ability to pay for large expenses you otherwise couldn’t afford, our contract is what truly makes us different.

The ISG Member Agreement

The primary product ISG has to offer is our membership agreement. Using this membership we have enhanced many traditional health plans and improved the benefit offerings for all of our clients. When you become a member, you are making a simple financial agreement, between you and the other members of the group. Just like banks and insurance companies, a savings group creates a pool of money from which its members can use to pay large expenses (up to a specified amount), members gain access to that pool of money by agreeing to make regular monthly “savings contributions.” The money you put into the group and don’t use, you get back when you decide it’s time to leave. If you have spent more money in claims than you have contributed in savings, then you just keep making your “savings contribution” until your back even with the group.

The Benefit for Employees

  • Eliminates out of pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses
  • Potential for a refund when benefits aren’t used
  • No waiting period. A savings group account can cover all gaps in coverage immediately
  • Compatible ANY health plan
  • Works both inside and outside of your plan’s provider network
  • Completely voluntary

The Benefit for Employers

  • Increase the value of your benefit offering
  • Potential for a refund when benefits aren’t used
  • Transform unpredictable claims funding into a fixed monthly cost
  • Simple and easy addition to existing benefit options
  • Makes it easy to offer higher deductibles
  • Works with ANY health plan
  • Completely voluntary, no employee participation requirements

Why you should join ISG

Whether you realize it or not, your health insurance is going away. Every year your plan goes up in price and covers less. Stop thinking short-term and start planning long term. What are you doing right now to prepare for your healthcare 5, 10, or even 20 years in the future? ISG is the answer. It provides you with the option to save money for future expenses while protecting you now if you need funds to pay for gaps in your existing health insurance plan. Its the perfect supplement to your insurance program! Why wait another year?

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