Insurance Savings Group

for all the things insurance doesn’t cover!

In exchange for a fixed monthly payment or “savings contribution”, you gain access to a pool of money that you can use right away, to pay for medical, dental, and vision expenses. If you do not ever use the plan, your contributions are completely refundable. When your savings balance reaches your savings limit then you will start receiving an annual reward, a financial incentive to save and be healthy. ISG is not medical insurance and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. Instead, it is designed to fill the ever-increasing gaps in coverage created by health care reform and rising health insurance costs. See the key benefits

Insurance Savings Group can help pay for:

  • Co-Pays
  • Co-Insurance
  • Deductibles
  • Chiropractic
  • Cosmetic
  • Dentistry
  • Fertility
  • Hair
  • Hearing
  • LASIK & Vision
  • Medical Equipment
  • Weight Loss
  • Wellness

…and much more!

Membership Levels for Individuals and Employees

$75 monthly savings contribution

$3,000 Savings Limit
Pays a $60 annual reward

$150 monthly savings contribution

$6,000 Savings Limit
Pays a $120 annual reward

$300 monthly savings contribution

$12,000 Savings Limit
Pays a $240 annual reward

Individuals and employees can choose to join ISG at the membership level that is right for them, custom contributions and savings levels are also possible. And remember, if you don’t ever use the plan, you get your money back when you decide to leave. If your savings balance is less than your medical, dental, or vision expenses, simply keep making regular monthly savings contributions until they balance out.


Insurance Savings Group combines the best benefits of widely accepted health plans; such as a Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA); to give you the most reliable and convenient way to pay for medical expenses and save money on health insurance. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of each in this table:

Employers Also benefit from joining ISG

Aside from the savings group being a tremendous financial benefit for your employees, ISG offers several other advantages to the businesses who choose to make it a part of their employee benefits package: ISG is easier to manage, can take the place of several benefit plans, it will lower your overhead costs, and reduce your regulatory liability. In fact, in addition to allowing employees to join ISG, many employers will enroll themselves in the Savings Group to finance FSA and HRA claims.

Key features of having ISG versus another third-party administrator:

ISG Fixed Funding

HRAs, FSAs, and HSA Advance are valuable additions to your benefits package, but paying for their claims can be tricky. When an employer joins ISG to help pay for these programs, claims funding will be simple, easy, and predictable. Learn More

ISG Dependent Care Account

Don’t be stuck in the past, traditional dependent care accounts were created over 30 ago. The ISG Dependent Care FSA plan helps you SAVE 35% on dependent care expenses while maximizing convenience for our members. It’s the best way to pay for Dependent Care! Learn More

ISG HSA Advance

Health Savings Accounts grow in popularity each year, but making the switch can be challenging to the average consumer. ISG offers a special feature called HSA Advance, which allows you to access your full year’s HSA contributions at any time of the plan year to cover eligible medical expenses as needed. Learn More


It’s very simple to implement Insurance Savings Group as part of your employee benefits package. Since enrollment is voluntary, simply add ISG as an option to your current benefit offerings, there is no need to change what you currently offer. If employees want to continue on with their traditional medical plan, they can, while other employees will be free to join ISG voluntarily. And because ISG is not considered a health plan, there is no need to update ERISA documents or report changes in your IRS reporting requirements. There’s no initial startup cost, only a flat monthly fee.

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