Dental & Vision Membership

Dental & Vision Memberships with ISG

When it comes to Dental and Vision coverage, Insurance Savings Group does two things that should make a lot of sense to you:

  1. we pool individuals and small businesses together to leverage large group buying power and discounts
  2. we cut out the insurance middleman to reduce insurance costs as much as possible.

Our Dental and Vision Memberships work great for individuals, seniors, self-employed, and small groups under 25. For small groups, these memberships are completely voluntary with no participation requirements.


Dental Features

  • Save on dental work immediately
  • No waiting periods.
  • Open 7 days a week until 6 or 7pm (at Capital Dental)
  • Your membership covers the cost of exams, x-rays, and cleanings.
  • At-home Pola Whitening included Kit
  • 20% off of all treatment – fillings, root canals, dentures, orthodontics, etc. Additional 5% when you pay in full with your ISG debit card.
  • Ability to cancel anytime.
  • SAVINGS GROUP ENROLLMENT BENEFITS 50% off lifetime activation fee, 25% off of monthly membership fee, additional 5% off all treatment when you pay in full with your ISG debit card.

Dental Plan Flyer

Dental Benefits

  • Professional dental cleanings (2/ year)
  • Doctor exams (2/ year)
  • Needed x-rays One emergency exam per year, if needed
  • At-home Pola Whitening Kit- Custom Trays & Bleach
  • 25% off all other treatment (when using your ISG debit card)

Dental Monthly Cost

One-time $50 activation fee paid to illumatrac. Perio membership includes 3-4 Perio cleanings per year.

per month
Regular Membership
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Perio Membership
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Child Membership


Vision Features

Our vision membership features the freedom pass which will allow you to supersize your savings. Choose Any frame, any brand, at any price point for no out-of-pocket expense- a special offer from Target Optical. Plus, you also get $20 off your contacts purchase (and free shipping) from

ISG Vision Plan Flyer

Vision Benefits

  • Eye exam- once every 12 months, $10 copay
  • $0 out-of-pocket expense at Target Optical or $150 allowance elsewhere for:
    • Lenses – every 12 months, copays vary per lens
    • Contacts (in lieu of lenses) – every 12 months, $10 copay
    • Frames – every 12 months, $0 copay
  • 40% additional pairs of glasses and a 15% discount on conventional lenses once the annual benefit is used.
  • 20% off any item not covered by the plan, including non-prescription sunglasses
  • 15% off Lasik

Vision Monthly Cost

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Member + Spouse
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Member + Children
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Member + Family
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