ISG HSA Advance

The Problem with HSA’s

Health Savings Accounts, or HSA’s, grow in popularity each year. But making the switch can be challenging to the average consumer. First, you have to leave your traditional health plan behind and switch to an HSA approved health plan. This means you increase your exposure to high out of pocket medical expenses. If your employer isn’t helping you pre-fund your HSA, or if you are not able to make the maximum annual contribution, then you could be taking on more risk than you are comfortable with. This keeps many people from ever trying HSA’s at all.

The ISG Difference for Employees

ISG offers a special feature called HSA Advance, which allows you to access your full year’s HSA contributions at any time of the plan year to cover eligible medical expenses as needed. Think of it like overdraft protection. This way, if you have medical expenses that occur early in the year before your account balance is built up, you have funds to cover the cost. Contributions continue as scheduled to repay the amount you use.

Immediate Funds. Interest-Free

HSA Advance is automatic. You do not have to lift a finger to use it or to repay it. Funding will automatically kick in if you need it, interest-free, and contributions will continue as scheduled.

Easy to Track

Your HSA Advance account is easy to track In your online account, you will see the total potential value of your HSA, which includes your contributions, employer contributions (if applicable), investment holdings, and HSA On Demand funds available.


Alyssa just opened an HSA and has unexpected expenses she needs to be covered right away. Not enough in your HSA? No problem! Now you have coverage when you need it. It’s that simple.

• Alyssa needs a total of $175 to pay for doctor visits and prescriptions, but her HSA balance is $0.

• When she uses her ISG debit card, HSA Advance automatically accelerates the $175 she needs.

• When future contributions are applied to her account, they are reduced by the amount she already used.

The ISG Difference for Employers

HSA Advance is an exceptionally unique benefit for your employees. Unfortunately, it could put a strain on your bottom line if you aren’t prepared to pay for large claims when they occur. But not to worry, ISG’s Fixed Funding eliminates all the risk of offering truly exceptional benefits to your employees, like HSA Advance. ISGs Fixed funding turns unpredictable and untimely claims into simple and predictable monthly payments. Click here to learn more.

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