Heath Savings Account: What Is It?

I wanted to talk about health savings accounts today. One of the most common things I hear when I’m out enrolling employees. Or educating employers on the savings group is they’ll say something like, “hey, I’ve heard of that it’s… a health savings account”, or “I had that at my old employer.” And that’s not true, those aren’t accurate descriptions of an HSA, people are getting them confused. Read More

What The Savings Group Has Been Doing for People

Insurance Savings Group was started for one reason… our clients. We saw that clients were getting ripped off when it came to medical coverage. They were being taken advantage of. We saw that they were signing up for these expensive medical plans and they would forget to ever use them, and they would never get their money back. Read More

Child Care Resources

Child Care for kids can cause financial stress for many families. It has happened to us all. The “sticker shock”, when you find out just how much child care will cost for your infant or toddler. Full or even part-time daycare can run upwards of a thousand dollars or more in some cases. Read More