Vision Plan Application

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    Vision memberships start the 1st of the next month after your enrollment date.

    $9 per month
    $15 per month
    Member + Spouse
    $16 per month
    Member + Children
    $23 per month
    Member + Family

    An ISG Vision Membership partnered with Eye Med features the freedom pass which will allow you to supersize your savings. Choose any frame, any brand, at any price point for no out-of-pocket expense from Target Optical. You also receive $20 off your contacts purchase (and free shipping) from Vision benefits include:

    • Eye exam- once every 12 months, $10 copay
    • $0 out-of-pocket expense at Target Optical or $150 allowance elsewhere for:
      • Lenses - every 12 months, copays vary per lens
      • Contacts (in lieu of lenses) - every 12 months, $10 copay
      • Frames - every 12 months, $0 copay
    • 40% additional pairs of glasses and a 15% discount on conventional lenses once the annual benefit is used.
    • 20% off any item not covered by the plan, including non-prescription sunglasses
    • 15% off Lasik
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