ISG Key Benefits for Employees

Truly pioneering and innovative, ISG provides a complete product that benefits every employer and employee.

A simple and convenient addition for insurance

Health insurance contracts are often hard to comprehend. ISG simplifies that. You won’t pay anything up to a predetermined level, and you get to pick how high that is ranging from $3,000, $6,000, or $12,000. No more copay, co-insurance, deductibles, or any other awkwardly hyphen-constructed vague terms. With ISG, all you need to know is one number: your balance. You can easily track your benefit level online or by our convenient phone app.

Anytime you need to use your ISG funds, you can. The only restriction is that you use your funds for medical/dental/vision related expenses. All you have to do is swipe your prepaid benefits card and that’s it. There are no claims and no complicated statements from the insurance company.

Eliminate out of pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses

With ISG you will contribute a fixed amount each month and will pay nothing out of pocket until you have exhausted your funds. If you need access to more funds than you have contributed, no problem, you can spend up to a predetermined limit ($3,000/$6,000/$12,000) and continue to make your regular monthly contribution until you have contributed the same amount of funds as you have spent.

Overcomes the main employer objection to offering consumer driven high deductible health plans

Employees are stuck. They can’t afford their rising monthly premiums, but switching to a high deductible plan is scary because they don’t have enough cash to cover their deductible should a large medical expense occur. ISG gives employees immediate access to a pool of money to cover their deductibles for a fixed, low monthly contribution.

Ability to cover entire deductible immediately with no restrictions

Compared to a Health Savings Account, ISG has no restrictions on how much you can contribute. Unlike a Health Savings Account, it won’t take you years to save up enough money to cover your deductible and out of pocket expenses. With ISG you will have immediate access to enough cash to cover your entire deductible with no restrictions. It also gives the flexibility to allow employers to contribute money on your behalf if they choose.

Free to choose any health plan

Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements both have cumbersome health plan restrictions, and usually they require you to enroll in a plan that has severe drawbacks and reduced benefits. This means that you will be paying more money for less insurance coverage. As a member of ISG you are free to enroll in ANY health plan from any carrier you choose.

Can be used outside provider network

Not all doctors accept your insurance. In fact, many doctors and medical providers are accepting fewer and fewer plans. This means that even if you have the best insurance money can buy, if the doctor who can save your life doesn’t accept your insurance, you are out of luck. ISG is accepted anywhere debit cards are accepted, which nowadays means just about everywhere.

Stability in an ever-changing regulatory environment

After every election, you can expect new legislation to be passed which affects the way you pay for insurance coverage and ultimately the kind of healthcare you will receive. Insurance Savings Group was designed to be fundamentally different from traditional medical plans, and thus is not subject to insurance reform efforts. So no need to worry about the political winds at a given moment, as a member of ISG their whims don’t affect your healthcare.

Fixed monthly cost

Medical expenses are completely unpredictable; you don’t know when they will occur or how much they will be. But you do know that at some point in the future they will happen. ISG turns unpredictable future medical expenses into simple to understand fixed monthly payments.



ISG allows employees to enroll voluntarily. We have no minimum participation requirements and employees are free to leave the group at any time and for any reason.

Ability to withdraw money at any time

If you change your mind and decide the program is not right for you, simply withdraw your money at any time with no penalty; Health Savings Accounts carry a steep tax penalty for early withdrawals before retirement age. Other programs take your money away at the end of every calendar year so you have to start all over again every 12 months.

Access to price transparency tool Healthcare Bluebook™

Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with Fair Price transparency. Did you know that the cost for the same in-network procedure can vary by over 400%? Healthcare Bluebook levels the playing field with cost and quality transparency that makes shopping for healthcare services simple and straightforward. Available to all ISG members! Check out the video ▸

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