What The Savings Group Has Been Doing for People

Insurance Savings Group was started for one reason… our clients. We saw that clients were getting ripped off when it came to medical coverage. They were being taken advantage of. We saw that they were signing up for these expensive medical plans and they would forget to ever use them, and they would never get their money back.

Or, they would sign up for expensive insurance and when they would go to use it they still had they still had huge out of pocket expenses. So, to me, it seemed obvious that there was something better out there. There had to be an easier and better alternative to health care. I think that it’s obvious to people that medical coverage needs to be updated. Today we are going to talk about some of our client’s success stories and what ISG is doing for them when it comes to their healthcare.

Individuals Profit greatly with ISG

Let’s look at Jim. Jim is self-employed and had signed up with us over a year ago. Jim hadn’t used his benefits much over the course of his plan. He just really didn’t go to the doctor all that much. The beauty of the savings group is that it offers the flexibility that you can pull your funds out at any time. So what Jim was able to do was he was able to use his funds that were available to fly across the country to see his daughter graduate from college. This was possible because of the plans savings incentive. Of savings when you sign up with the program and begin saving with ISG funds with a maturation of 2-6% are available to be completely used at your discretion.

Small business can be reimbursed for unused funds

A little over a year ago we had a small business with around 30 employees signed up with ISG. This business was spending an exuberant amount on a fully insured Cadillac plan that was offered required by the state. They joined the savings group and really changed the way his company paid and managed health care. Just recently they received a refund check from ISG in the amount of 5000 dollars. What these are the unused funds from premiums paid by employees for health care. This is just one of the added bonuses for small to medium-sized businesses.

ISG offers great flexibility for any size business

Recently we had a very small business sign up with ISG. This business had 2 employees on the payroll. Now, while the owner by law didn’t need to offer health care he wanted the very best for his employs because he cared. Both employees had different needs. One needed healthcare and the other did not, as he was covered by MEDiCal. This experience was great for the business because it could be set up very easily and payment could be taken for both employees with no hassle. For the employees, it worked out so the one who needed health insurance could use the funds available to purchase healthcare, and for the other who was covered by MEDiCal, he was able to use the funds to get some much needed, and very expensive dental work done.

Success stories are common with ISG

ISG differs from other health care plans. It offers its users flexibility and freedom for the consumer. More than that it offers the cash back options for unused funds. Recently, one of our very first members of the program left his job to go to a new employer. Since he had not used much of his funds in the plan over the course of his 3 years with us he was able to call us and ask if any funds were available. He and his family were in the process of purchasing a new home and we were able to help him out with over $1000 that went towards his closing costs. That was awesome to do!

What the savings group can do for you

The savings group does two main things for people. It can eliminate all your out of pocket expenses altogether. This is great because it fills all the gaps in your insurance. We basically cover what insurance doesn’t cover. All the co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance etc. If you’re not using your insurance your going to be getting money back because you are going to be saving within the group. It’s almost a no lose. ISG is flexible and is helping people save money or cover the expenses that otherwise would eat into household budgets.